Carnelian Beaded Crystal Bracelet

Our Gemstone Beaded Bracelets are made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine and then attaching them to a durable elastic cord. The perfect bracelet to hold when you are feeling worried or anxious, our Gemstone Beaded Bracelets are made with your energy in mind.

  • Genuine gemstone beads are 8mm in diameter
  • Stretch bracelets are 19cm long

Carnelian Meaning and Benefits:

Carnelian is a vibrant and colorful stone that exudes a warm energy. The most common one is in red and orange hues. It’s a stone that’s associated with motivation, endurance, courage, and leadership. This is why it’s often been worn by ancient warriors to gather courage and power to challenge their foes.

Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success in any money-making venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination.

Carnelian also increases one's courage and willpower. It promotes idealism, a sense of community and pragmatism. Carnelian is a stabilizing crystal, perfect for anchoring one's-self in the present moment. Its high energy helps restore lost vitality and stimulates creativity for new pursuits. It improves concentration and removes extraneous thoughts during meditation. It also protects against envy, rage, and resentment- whether it be coming from you or somebody else.

Sometimes referred to as the Singer’s Stone, Carnelian is said to help timid speakers become bolder and more eloquent. In addition to this, it’s also used for boosting overall confidence in timid individuals and to stimulate creativity in writers and artists. Carnelian serves as a great amulet to have around for people in constant need of some inspiration or help expressing themselves

The meaning of Carnelian Can Be Summarized in These Top Benefits:

  1. Motivation– Whether you need a burst of inspiration for a project or a bit of energy to boost your sex life, the Carnelian is the stone to do it. The fiery energy within it makes it a perfect stone for this purpose.
  1. Creativity – If you’re stuck in a project or looking for inspiration, the Carnelian has the ability to stimulate your inner creativity to help you advance your career or discover new ways to express yourself. Sometimes our own thoughts are what’s keeping us from discovering something great, so you can ease this negativity by using crystals like Carnelian.
  1. Passion– Feeling empty and lost? Re-ignite the fire within you with a Carnelian. One of its primary benefits is that this fiery crystal can restore passion, just like how it can restore vitality and energy. You can use this passion in your career, love life, and even to find the spark in your everyday life. 

Carnelian Association:

Chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Zodiac: Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo

Healing Properties: Love, Romance and Compassion; Focus, Willpower and Motivation; Strength, Courage and Confidence; Removes Anxiety, and Stress; Change and New Beginnings;Creativity and Inspiration; Fertility and Pregnancy; Addiction and Self-Control

Carnelian and Zodiac Connection:

Carnelian is associated with the zodiac signs Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo.

Virgo- Carnelian is the stone for Virgo. People under this sign are known to be logical and straight thinkers, but this often results in a lack of passion. This gemstone will bring that missing element to the Virgo. It ignites a passion in them that can even help them find love.

Taurus - Taurus are stubborn yet dedicated in everything that they do. Unfortunately, they also tend to be soft-spoken, and that is where the Carnelian comes into play. It gives them a voice and courage to step up. This stone helps them become good leaders by dispelling your inner fears.

Cancer - Cancer signs are creative and emotional, but this sometimes result in moody or flighty behavior. One way to bring the Cancer back into balance is through the Carnelian stone. It grounds this sign to keep them on the right track. Cancers can also benefit from Carnelian if they need help reaching their goals.

Leo - This is a passionate sign. Leos are warm-hearted and fiery, which works well alongside the Carnelian. It’s almost like a physical representation of the sign. However, Leos can become stubborn and arrogant, so the Carnelian can help reel them in as well.

Carnelian and Chakra Connection:

Carnelian is associated with 3 energy centers: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Root Chakrais where you connect with the earth and the energy of existence in the corporeal world. A stable and balanced Root Chakra means you constantly feel secure and safe in your existence. It also means that you have confidence in what the earth and the universe provide you. You are in touch with reality if you have a well-balanced Root Chakra.

Common symptoms of an imbalanced Root Chakra are: poor focus, negative thinking, disorganization, lack of zest for life, depression, anger and frustration with the world, and lack of gratitude.

The Sacral Chakra is considered the central gravity of the body, and it is the chakra associated with sexuality, creativity, and emotions. The flow of information and emotions between your mind and body are governed by this chakra. Imbalance from it affects your connection with the world, and this often results in repressed feelings, lack of sexual desires, and dependency. Oppositely, imbalance also manifests in the form of overindulgence and uncontrolled emotions. Orange and red Carnelians are powerful healing stones for this chakra. It helps by removing blockages for renewed vitality and activating chakra opening by concentrating its energy.

Carnelian is also known for stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is also called the Manipura, which means the “lustrous gem.” When balanced, the Solar Plexus Chakra gives you confidence, motivation, and purpose. You get the power to rise up during difficult times. Imagine all the times where you stood up for yourself or spoke up on your own behalf, that is the Solar Plexus at work. An overactive Solar Plexus Chakra can make you aggressive and greedy. It makes you uncaring of others or gives you the urge to excessively manage others. When underactive, you have low self-esteem and insecurities.

Carnelian Healing Properties by Intentions:

  1. Love, Romance, Compassion

Carnelian concocts a romance that is both thrilling and committed. A fire stone infused with Mars’ energy, Carnelian awakens desire, passion and sexuality in lovers. The beauty of this stone is that as it stirs your libido, it arouses deep feelings of love, compassion and understanding for your partner.  

Colors reflect a gemstone’s strongest healing properties. In Carnelians, reddish Carnelians stimulate passion and sexuality while lighter Carnelians promote love and compassion.

  1. Focus, Willpower, Motivation

Eminent persons have donned the “Sunset Stone” to help manifest their visions. One such person is Napoleon Bonaparte who swore by his Carnelian seal for protection before handing it down to his nephew who went everywhere with the seal on his watch chain.

To this day, goal-setters choose Carnelian because its fiery energy fuels their will. As a key stone to accessing the three lower chakras, Carnelian sets fire to a dampened soul and obliterates laziness, procrastination, indecision and apathy. This stone even transmutes sexual energy into drive and focus for goal-achievement.

  1. Strength, Courage, Confidence

Warriors adorned their necks with Carnelians to hype themselves up the night of a battle. During the Middle Ages, people kept Carnelian to ward off the plague and other illnesses.

To this day, Carnelian continues to be a bringer of courage and strength by restoring the physical body. This gemstone is believed by ancient healers to stimulate blood circulation, increase oxygen in your muscles, and stimulate metabolism. Feeling refreshed and energized, you’ll experience a deep sense of wellbeing, confidence and strength. If you are timid and shy, Carnelian will ignite you with confidence to let your voice be heard!

  1. Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Carnelian reignites passion and zest for life in those who feel empty or lost. Working with this Root Chakra stone feels like taking a refresher course of the basics. Carnelian reminds you of your power and helps you differentiate what you can and can’t control. The mantras “The present is a gift” and “I have everything I need to create the life I desire” encapsulate the healing energy of this stone. Working with Carnelian daily will burn away your anxieties and rekindle your fire.

  1. Change & New Beginnings

Ancient Egyptians placed Carnelians on their dead to protect their spirits as they journeyed to the afterlife.

Like death, change and new beginnings mean the end of the old and the start of the new. If you are beginning a new endeavor, project or are just trying to make small changes, Carnelian will protect your efforts by keeping you creative, passionate and motivated. As you explore new possibilities, this fire stone will teach you to adapt, evolve and be versatile. You’ll feel inspired to expand while keeping your feet on the ground.

  1. Creativity & Inspiration

Carnelian is associated with the Sun and the Sacral Chakra, making it a gem of true and creative expression. Within your Sacral Chakra (located in the groin area) is creative energy. Carnelian helps you reach into this life-giving reserve, helping you become fertile ground for ideas, visions and images. This gemstone will help you live in the moment and immerse in life’s simple pleasures. The result is you find a well of inspiration in the smallest of details, which you can use to create.     

  1. Fertility & Pregnancy

In Egypt, women wore Carnelian to ease the discomforts of menstruation and menopause. Both men and women used the stone to treat a variety of illnesses linked to the reproductive organs.

To this day, Carnelian’s access to the Sex Chakra makes it a key stone for promoting reproductive health. If you are a woman, you can use Carnelian to help with issues with your menstrual cycle or reproductive organs. You can also use this stone to ensure a healthy pregnancy. In terms of fertility, Carnelian does not discriminate and will boost fertility in both sexes.

  1. Addiction & Self-Control

Addiction is a symptom of the real problem. Low self-esteem, unresolved experiences, or untreated mental health issues are possible causes for addictions and toxic relationships.

Carnelian spiritually breaks the bonds of addiction by going to the root of the problem and cementing your desire to live life to the fullest. A stone of new beginnings, Carnelian will sustain your motivation and commitment to reclaim your life. Count on Carnelian for energy and grounding if you find yourself struggling with withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and depression.

How to Use Carnelian Crystals:

  • Wear Carnelian – Wearing Carnelian jewelry in the forms of necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings is a great way to stay connected to the stone’s energy consistently all day.
  • Carry Carnelian – Carrying Carnelian in your wallet, purse, or pocket is also a great way to keep the stone’s energy handy for when you need an inspiration or motivation. When you have it in arm’s reach, you can hold on to it for a quick moment, breathe deep and allow yourself to come back into the zone of positive and creative energy
  • Place Carnelian Near Your Space – Depending on the intention you’re working towards, place Carnelian in the appropriate environment in your home, office, and bedroom. If your intention is to attain focus and stay motivated on a financial goal, it would be shrewd to place Carnelian crystals on your office desk where you conduct your work and business dealings. If you are wanting more passion and intimacy with your significant other, placing Carnelian in your bedroom is best.
  • Carnelian Meditation – You can meditate with the crystal of your choice in any shapes and forms (crystal skulls, crystal wands, crystal unicorns, tumbled stone, or even a piece of crystal jewelry). When meditating, recite in your mind (or out loud) a mantra or affirmation that resonates with what you want to achieve. Consistent positive self-talk creates a vortex of energy that is further amplified by the energy of the crystal
  • Carnelian Crystal Grid – Find the intention that most resonates with what you want. Click on that Intention Collection, combine Carnelian with other crystals relevant to that particular intention and create a crystal grid. Placing your crystals in certain geometric patterns (the flower of life pattern is the most common one) will enhance the crystals’ vibrations, transform the energy of your space, and speed up the manifestation of your intention.

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